Tradescantia Pallida Pale Puma Care & Complete Guide

Tradescantia Pallida Pale Puma

Pale Puma Tradescantia Pallida

An uncommon indoor plant with bright purple leaves is called the (Purple heart plant) Tradescantia Pallida Pale Puma also known as Cobweb Spiderwort, Wandering Jew Plant, or Inch Plant. It has a small, purple appearance that is ideal when grown in the full outdoor sun. It has quick-growing trailing stems and is simple to grow. Throughout the year, the three-petaled flowers will intermittently bloom.

When grown in bright light, leaves are green in the middle and turn purple around the margins. Deeper purple tones will appear under the full sun. This plant will grow to a height of about a foot, spreading swiftly as a ground cover or as a lovely container plant.

Tradescantia Pallida Pale Puma Care:

Use a potting mix that drains effectively.

Plant it in a hanging basket so that it can hang.

To maintain its stripes, provide it with a lot of indirect light (The more light, the darker the colors).

Avoid letting it grow too dry in between waterings.

Every few months, give it plant food to eat.

Pinch slender stems to promote fuller, fresh growth.

This bright ground cover is simple to grow and has thick erect stems with velvety purple leaves decorated with silver hairs. Also, Small pinkish-white blooms start to bloom in the late summer. Although there is debate over the origin of this plant, experts think it is a hybrid of T. pallida and T. sillomontana, with the purple hue coming from one and the hairy look from the other. a wonderful enhancement to your landscape!

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